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2023 Go Foil Wakesurf foil package

$2,360.00 $2,124.00
The Phase Five Go foil is the ultimate high performance, lightweight package for experienced foilers. The plate, mast, and fuselage are all one piece. The advantages of one-piece construction are increased stiffness, superior strength, no weak points around connections and less metal parts. Built with 100% epoxy infused carbon fiber for the most light weight high quality process. The front and rear wings are CNC shaped PVC cores with outer skins of 100% carbon. It is designed with simplicity in mind and straightforward to assemble. The front and back foils attach to the fuselage with one screw, simple.

The Go Foil package features a 31.5” plate mast paired with the 1250 front wing and 14.5” tail wing. An ultra responsive, controlled and smooth performance foil that is so reactive you can get the wing tips out of the water during a hard turn and still recover. The Go Foil has superior pitch control—the up and down movement you feel when riding. Controlling pitch helps you go faster with more confidence and pumps extremely well with solid initial lift and great low end. Allows you to glide longer without dropping off foil.

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